Brad Pugh

Brad Pugh is a consultant on human capital, workforce strategy, and individual career planning.

Brad has spent his career as an entrepreneur and business consultant in both private and public corporations, dedicating his time within those roles to coaching individuals and managers on the best practices associated with building great careers for themselves and their team members.

Brad has conducted over 1,500 human resources consultation sessions with senior executives at Fortune 500 companies and international government entities throughout the US and Asia. His work has focused on talent management (including recruitment, leadership and employee development), strategy execution, sales optimization, organization design, and e-commerce. Brad has also conducted workshops and delivered training presentations to teams at organizations including Microsoft, National Grid, Allstate, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, the Government of Canada, the Coca-Cola Company, Tupperware, National Instruments and GlaxoSmithKline. He is currently focused on talent challenges in Asia, spending his time in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

Brad has been an entrepreneurial leader and founder of several software/web firms. In these companies, he oversaw the creation of products for customers and achieved the sale of two of these business ventures. Brad began his career at Oracle Corp.